Remember. Pirate ❤️

Hello, Again


Nobody should need to worry about money

That is my goal. Not free money but giving people and option to do what they want.

Basisinkomen: Niet omdat je kunt doen wat je leuk vindt maar omdat je dan kunt doen wat je belangrijk vindt.

If someone offers you ten thousand dollars or ten trees, take the trees.

Internet is scary

Should ever be

Life is not a spectator sport

Nothing great ever happens in comfort zones

Key combo you should try

Now try to find the other ones


Shit: when something goes wrong

The feeling you get when there is nothing to wipe your butt with.

why Gunpowder Treason

It is time

Act friendly to strangers and strangely to friends

Something easier to remember?

Why. Why does why need a question mark?

it’s where you fall asleep


random image from flickr.jpg

Night is the awakening of the universe.

Technology without using fire?

Anything added dilutes everything else.

Death is measured with less error than any other disease-specific outcomes.

You stop asking, Why?

Every choice, no matter how small, begins a new story.

More text you wont see

Trying something and failing is more interesting than trying to fail.

Adult, Adultery, Why?

The name of The man is Charlie. Mr. Charlie.

What is the name of the woman?

I will do stuff to stuff and stuff will happen!

I know of no reason

Most of us would rather burn in Hell than do anything about it.

You’re still a monkey pressing a button … it’s just that the button’s got smarter. I am too, you are now.

why do i need to jump through 13 hoops to write code

What is truly your own?

Quantum computing: It gives you an answer, but which question was asked?

18 steps of wisdom

to grok or not to grok, ?

the Gunpowder Treason and Plot

I am what I am because of what I am not

We need Love. We want love,

We have to seriously think about what we need to survive

… you must first invent the universe

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch…

Grok this!

We are in the box, with the cat.

Proving reality by disproving the obvious.

Numbers Don’t Lie: Because they are fictional

There are still 1010 kind of people in the world

Those who understand recursion and binary, and those who don’t.

Natural selection on Problems: Only the tough ones survive

Code Reuse..

Don’t reuse because reusing is good,
Reuse because the code is good.

Don’t write reusable code,
Write good code!

Visual queue

Real artists perform

Motivation: Putting the means to an end

The most important thing about asking questions? Listening

You don’t know until you do

The Truth has no Author

Not all branches are created equally

The enemy of the value Economy, Fun

Art is about

Het verleggen van grenzen
pushing the boundaries
pushing the limits
shifting frontiers
moving mountains
With a single thought
A single new thought


Remember, remember

The meditating AI

zen: for the welfare of everyone

egoism: for the welfare of oneself
altruism: for the welfare of others

I wish you a well fare
Ik wens u een behouden vaart.

If you know the answer to life’s greatest question, what question is there to ask? Q.E.D.

Be critical, Be honest. Say what you want to say.

Hello, world